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Alamchandi Temple


(Alamchandi Temple)

The Alamchandi Temple is situated in the Kumbharpada area of Puri. It is located on the left side of the Puri-Bhubaneswar road leading from Hospital square towards Atharanala bridge.The temple is facing towards east and the presiding deity is Goddess Alamchandi. Alamchandi is one of the Asta (Eight) Chandis of Puri. The other seven Chandis are Vimala, Ramachani, Harachandi, Baseli, Varahi, DakshinaChandi and Jhadeswari. Famous festivals like Durgastami, SatapuriAmabasya, MakarSankranti etc. are observed in this temple. Priests of Alamchandi temple carry traditional prasad to offer Lord Jagannath on the eve of MakarSankranti.
AlamChandi temple is closely associated with the Navakalevara festival of Lord Jagannath Temple. AlamChandi is present at the entrance to the Puri town. During Navakalevara festival, the carts loaded with the sacred Daru (wooden logs) are brought into Puri via the road in front of AlamChandi temple. As per the tradition, after getting agnyamala (permission) from Goddess Alamchandi the Sacred wood came into Puri. It is believed that AlamChandi is supreme to santify the logs so that no harm is done at the time of shaping them to form the figures of the thee deities.