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Suna Besha

(Ashadha/ June – July)

SunaaBesha Observed five times during a year. Generally the besha happen on BijayaDashami ( October ), KartikPurnima ( November ) PausaPurnima ( December ) MaghaPurnima ( January ) &AsadhaEkadashi ( July ) . The last Besha is observed on the chariot in front of Temple, other four Besha are observed in temple on RatanaSinghasana. This Besha has been observed since 1232. During the reign of AnagaVimaDev the king of Utkal, Sri Jagannath declared as state God . The Gods are decorated with various gold ornaments during Besha. The total weight of the Ornaments are more than one quintal.

On the 11th day in the bright fortnight of Ashadha (June-July) this adornment takes place, when the deities are in their respective chariots near the lion's gate. The deities are decorated with gold ornaments. Lord Jagannath and Balabhadra appear with hands and feet made of gold. Lord Jagannath holds a gold Chakra(disc) in his right hand and a silver conch in the left hand. Lord Balabhadra holds a gold plough in the left hand and a gold mace in the right hand. Thid adornment is also done on festivals like Dashahara, KartikaPurnima and pausapurnima. Out of all Vesha the golden ornaments decoration is most attractive . 

On 10th bright day of the month of Aswmin (October ) which is known as BIJOYADASMI, Lord Jagannath appears before devotees like a sovereign empereer by dressing all gold and Jewls.

On 12th bright day of the month of Asadha (July) when the deities returrn to srimandir after completing the 'car festival', they decorated with all gold ornaments.

On full moon day of the month Cartika (Novvember) the deities are decorated with gold ornaments inside thetemple.

on the full moon day of Falguna (March) the deities also decorated with gold ornaments known sunavesa.

In SunaVesha the golden ornaments are used as:

1. Sri Hasta - Golden Hand
2. Sri Payar - Golden feet
3. Sri Mukuta - Golden big crown
4. Sri MayurChandrika - A golden peacock feather used by Lord Jagannath as Sri Krishna head piece.
5. Sri Chulapati - A golden ornament worn traditionally on the forehead to increase the beauty of the face.
6. Sri Kundal - Golden earring of hanging round ball type.
7. Sri Rahurekha - A half square shaped golden aura around the face of the deities.
8. Sri Mala - (Necklaces with Several Design made of gold)
   PADAM MALA -Lotus Shaped
   SEVATI MALA -Shaped Like Small Sun Flower
   AGASTI MALA -Moon Shaped flower desgin
   KADAMBA MALA -Kadamba Flower Design (Round ball shape)
   KANTE MALA -Big Gold Beads Design
   MAYUR MALA -Shaped in Peacock feathers
   CHAMPA MALA -Shaped liked Yellow champa Flower
9. Sri Chita - It is representing the third eye of Lords. On a Golden plate there are eight precious gems and in the center it is found a pure jewel. On the middle point at srichita of Lord Jagannath there is a precious diamond which is represent the Swatikwuality of nature marked by ignorance) and on the fore head of Ma Subhadra a panna (emerald) represent the Raja quality(the second of the three natural qualities of creatures). When all three deities comes out from Srimandir on the occasion of DEB-SNANA PURNIMA these original jewels were kept in Srimandir. After return to temple the original chitas(jewels) are again placed on forehead of the deities on the day called CHITA LAGI AMABASYA Day.
10. Sri Chakra - Golden Wheel
11. Sri Gada - Golden bludgeon
12. Sfi Padma - Golden lotus
13. Sri Sank - A silver conch